Preform repair function is not working

Hi the Formlabs community

I discovered that some model is not able to be repaired. When i import the model to preform v2.16, it tells me to repair the model and after clicking repair, preform just did not load at all. This issue happens in Window 10, and when i switch to my Macbook Pro, the issue disappear.

Anyone has the same experience?


happened to me yesterday, but it could also be that my model was too high in polys so im going to decimate today and see if it loads


Are you sure you are opening an STL that is not inside a compressed folder?

I have done this accidentally and it causes the issue of “needs repair” and doesn’t load.

I’ve had this happen to me a few times in the past week. I load Preform on a different computer than my modeling software that all uses a shared network folder. I just re-upload my stl files to the network folder and it works for me.

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Some from @Formlabs can help out this issue?

I am 100% sure!

I have had this issue as well. It has either been too many polys or it was a network issue. In the event of a network problem just download the file to that computer instead of pulling it from another location. I just dump it on my desktop and it stops being a problem.

I often have the same issue where complex models with a high poly count won’t repair on a beefy Win7 box.

Sometimes moving the part into Meshmixer for repair, and printing from that version works, but not always.

But moving the complex file onto an OSX box always has worked.

I believe Preform is only 32 bit, which is kinda a puzzle in modern software. That might be behind the problem.

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Preform 2.17 is a brand new 64-bit release for Windows – give it a try and see if it’s more robust when given large files.

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