Preform Issues, or how I learned to not love Preform

Preform Issues abound! I searched through the forum for any topics related to this issue, and I found this…


The same problem is happening.
Some models load fine.
Some models generate the pop-up that says the model needs repair, hitting the repair button yields NOTHING. Going to File>Open Recent the file name is listed, clicking on it WILL open it in Preform.

99.9% of models are being checked/fixed In magics 21 with 1 shell, no overlapping triangles, and no intersecting triangles.

NOW here is the real kicker, the computer next to me doesn’t do the same thing with the same models. And acts the same with different models. Sometimes it opens the model perfectly.

This is causing MAJOR problems. I have 4 Form2s.

Just as an aside, I work with 3D printers everyday.

I have uninstalled and re-installed Preform. This is happening with 2.15.0, 2.14.1, 2.14.0

Running windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.


What happens if you don’t hit repair ? If you are sure your models are fine it’s worth testing what happens when you ignore the warning.

I have tried that as well. If I hit “ignore”, a pop-up titled Errors While Loading STL Files states "There were some errors during file loading, NAME_OF_FILE, unknown error.

Try deleting Preform and re installing - or maybe there is an odd character in your file name.

Thanks for the troubleshooting you’ve done with this by trying a few different PreForm versions and machines. This acting non-deterministically and behaving differently on multiple machines is surprising, and I’ve forwarded this to our software team.

What sorts of error rates are you seeing? Is it possible that Magics is modifying the STL in a way that might interfere with PreForm? It might be worth trying to bypass the Magics step, or testing this in a different repair suite like Netfabb to see if that corrects this.

There were some characters that confused PreForm, but those were patched in a recent update. Do you have an example of a file name that throws that error? We might have missed a few.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times already, most recently yesterday with the new revision 2.15.0. I don’t believe the characters in the file name have anything to do with this issue based on the fact that I have multiple computers running Preform (all the same build and software installed) and there is no consistency between computers i.e. the same file will could give a failure or a success to load on different computers or even on the same computer. Restarting Preform doesn’t change the outcome. It seems to random at this point.



Upon hitting Help → Check for Updates. Why is preform telling me it is up to date when it is not?

i have the same problem with pre form2.15.0 (and older versions by downgrading)on my windows 7 pro x 64

the model needs repair, hitting the repair button yields NOTHING

I also had this problem with an older version on my mac book , but the new version runs on mac.
On this mac is also a paralell desktop with also a win 7 pro x64 and on this computer run the preform 2.15.0 without any problems.

All my files are stl from solidworks and i had never a problem…
I save the file in solid works as stl on one pc preform open the stl file on the other pc he write the error!!! THE SAME FILE

I cleand the pc , delete all older preform , cleand the registry but nothing helps on this pc


I have found that all the file broken warnings are due to File size… or to the total size of all files you are trying to add a file to.
Not one of my files Preforms claims are ‘broken’ have the slightest flaw. Its a 32 bit app running on a 64 bit machine and it just can;t handle large file imports.
Essentially- Preform is not going to always import files larger than 140 mb. Try decimating your files smaller. That made the issue disappear for me.

My files are in a range of 160kb - 4Mb

Thanks for letting us know - our Software Team is working to identify what’s causing this, and your testing has been especially helpful for our troubleshooting.

@radltreiba having the same file work on one machine but not the other sounds especially frustrating. Were you able to get your prints working? Our team is looking into what’s causing this, and in the mean time our support team might have workarounds to help you get printing.

Hello Frew,
thank you for your answer…
Yes i was able to print , i can use on a mac preform and there the 2.15.0 version runs without troubles.

Greetings Andi

One thing to look for when you have an issue with loading STL files that is Windows only is that there’s an issue with files or folders with non-Latin characters in the name. There’s a step in the model repair which uses ASCII for the filename and it can get really confused.

thank you for your answer, it works only not on one pc since the update…its the pc i design all models with solid works and send the with preform to the printer. Now i have to use two computers to send a modell to the printer.
Not a great problem , but i do not understand where is the bug.

Mac and other win 7 x64 runs without problems

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