PreForm cant repair/open this file


I’ve got a pretty silly order, but was going to take a look at it anyway, the details was silly, so I’ve remeshed, reduced and made it solid in MeshMixer before exporting. Looks good in Netfabb as well, no errors, but I get the question if I want to repair the model when trying to import it, and if I click repair it doesn’t load at all?

I’ve had this issue before, but restarting the software and trying again always solves it… Is the model to messy?

Any ideas?

regards Patrik

I continued to reduce triangles and at one point preForm could open it… strange though since I 've loaded 100mb models before without a problem, this one had to be reduced down to 8mb before it was possible to open it…

Surprised to hear that closing and re-opening the software has worked for you previously. The most reliable method I’ve found for repairing especially stubborn models is Microsoft’s STL Repair tool. That exports to a .3mf file which can be opened in Netfabb or Micosoft’s 3D Builder app (native to windows 10) and exported as an STL.

Yes Ive ran in to this before but only when In going through model after model, it have never happened with the first model after opening the software.

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