Preform not repairing model

Look like every time I import a model. It’s asking to repair. But the repair buttom do nothing. Is it not suppose to display a progress bar or something?

usually it does show a progress bar, unless the repair was so minor and took so little time, that it didn’t have time to display it.

Does the model look OK ? Does it print OK?

You mean that the model doesn’t show up in PreForm at all? I have this happen sometimes, too. The bug relates to an unusual edge case for some STL files.

Using Netfabb basic (free), I convert the STL to OBJ and the problem is solved. Not a perfect solution, but it works until the larger issue is solved in a future PreForm release.

Thanks guys,

So no the progress bar doesnt shjow and the model doesnt show. So I guess the model never get repaired.

ANy way I will try the Netfabb approach. Let’s see

Yeah,happen to me a couple of times too,
before you use netfabb, check if your stl files are extracted from zip files. Preform cannot repair if it is not extracted yet.

Sometimes i have to use netfabb to repair, saved it to new name, Then open with preform.

I’ve had this happen and found out there was some inverted normals on part of my mesh. Once I flipped them it worked like a charm.