Is there any way to save a repaired .stl from preform?

Hi, I need to save a repaired stl file from preform. Somebody has any idea about how I can do this?

Asked a bunch of time, not possible. While unfortunate, it’s understandable since Preform is a free software if you could just use it’s capabilities (support generation being the elephant in the room) and export to another software to print with 3rd party hardware it’s a net loss for Formlabs.

To be clear, the mesh repair in PreForm is done using Autodesk’s Netfabb. You could certainly use netfabb to repair your STLs directly. It should give you exactly the same result you get when you import them into PreForm.

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I sometimes use Netfabb on some complex meshes as well. However, I am still interested in learning more about the process PreForm is using.

Because I don’t even remember any failed repairs on PreForm, and it just asks if we want it repaired, we click ok, wait a bit, and then it’s done.

While on Netfabb I have had to change and tweak settings many times to get the result I want.

What I’m saying is I find it interesting that this Netfabb / PF integration seems to work every time without any custom user input.

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