Failed Saving FORM File using Preform 2.16.0 on Windows 10

Receiving the alert “Failed Saving FORM File” when saving to any directory on my Dropbox using Windows 10

  • Occurs using “Save” of “Save As”
  • Saving with a different name does not affect this behavior
  • Occurs when saving a new FORM file and when saving a FORM file that was opened and edited from any location (including Dropbox)
  • Preform can save new and opened files to all other directories I’ve tried (Desktop on system drive, secondary local drive, USB drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud Drive for Windows).
  • This seems to only occur when saving to any location within my Dropbox folder

I have the same issue, I have been waiting for the next version of preform to come out hoping that will fix it.

I have seen this issue too, I figured there was some sort of file size limit in t he preform save file, it was a large print that had many individual pieces.

I frequently have this issue but the fix is easy. The file did save even though it says it did not. The file is in the save directory … just not with a .form extension. Find that new file and give it a .form extension and it will work just fine.

I will try that fix and post again if the issue persists.

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