Problems saving in Preform to Dropbox Folder

For some reason, I get the following error when saving to my local Dropbox folder.

“there was a problem copying data to the final destination”

It saves a file but it gives it a suffix (fleurFinal.form.Hp6352). If I remove the suffix, the file loads into Preform with no apparent issues.

Any ideas? While I guess I have a work-around, it doesn’t instill much confidence.


Not sure why it is doing that. Just a shot in the dark here but did you try saving it to your PC and then uploading it to Dropbox?


Hey Chris - The files save as expected when saved to anywhere but my local dropbox folder.

The preform files can be copied to the local directory and uploaded without issues.

Glad it worked for you. Sometimes weird things happen that don’t make sense so you have to eliminated the culprits one by one to figure out where the issue lies.


Perhaps there is something about a cloud folder, despite being local that is throwing it off.

While something I can work around, I’m hoping that I can get sorted. I’ll likely start a support ticket if nothing else comes about via this post.

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