New Preform 1.8

The new software release as some great features but i cannot open .obj or .stl files ( try with many of them)
The only working thing for me is to open previous .form.

What i really like is the ability to slice during editing support.
On the downside, the fact that we cannot see the support during creation is disturbing but the little dot/sphere for adding/removing supports are really cool. ( it could be nice to add a little toggle to see/hide the fresh new supports )

Taking to that i really like the new shape of supports but it’s seams that there is some problem with supports interpenetrating my geometry, that wasn’t the case with the oldest software.

For now i stick to the 1.7 and wait for a fix :slight_smile:

The new supports are great! Also, the new support editing mode is very useful for editing interior supports that were hard to see before.

I noticed two possible bugs:

  1. When upgrading firmware, I lost my fine tuning settings. (No big deal, I remembered them and re-entered them).
  2. When printing, the fine-tuning percentages showed as 1% X and 1% Y, even though I had them set to 0.4% X and 0.3% Y.


the new supports are fine.

I noticed following problems:

  • settings of the fine tuning, I set them x= 0,15% and y= -0,1% and z= 0,4.
    Downloading to printer the fine tuning shows x= 1%, no y and z= 0,4.

  • loading old form files, they were without supports, so I must set all supports new :frowning:

That`s for the moment.

Printer is running with the new firmware und new preform.


@Gillesalexandre can you upload a sample STL that won’t load for you you? The first STL I’ve tried works fine in 1.8, so it looks like it’s not a global issue, but one with specific STLs - what software do your STLs come from?

here’s the first STL (generated from Solidworks) I tried - what happens when you try to open it in 1.8?

now only 0.1 nd 0.05 resolution :o

i love the new supports design :smiley:

@MiguelRamirez — that should only be with the new Flexible material.

Can I ask why the base thickness is now max 3mm? I used to like having a 4mm base for large prints to make sure they were well supported. Used more resin sure but I didn’t have a failure with a 4mm base.

Hi All

I think the new upgrade has very good improvements. Better vision of the support points and finer and finally to edit the internal supports with clipping on, also the estimated time. we have to try a bit to see how it works.

But I think it’s a huge mistake to cancel the previous supports versions, since work that you know work well when printed, and have to re-test again spoil. some people have tens of work already done and finished, to simply print them.

Maybe it’s a good option to those old media have the option to be imported as a non-editable object and thus, would follow in use for printing.

So, the software might ask you if you want to import this old data as non editable object or create a new ones.

Or open your software and create and option to export them as .obj

Please, this is a very important issue for people who already have a lot of work done and needs to continue printing to sell and not lose hours of work by a simple software upgrade.

Nobody from Formlabs says anything about this big problem???

We need a solution.

  • If I update the Printer with the new v1.8 Firmware, can i print from preform v1.7.1?
  • Can I install two versions of preform ( 1.7.1 and 1.8 in same PC ?

Some of this could help us while Formlabs its looking for a solution to this problem.



new update 1.8_7

  • the x-scale now is shown right, but no y-scale. z is also okay.

  • the supports of old form-files gone away

Looking for the next update


Yes i think the problem to open .stl or .obj are definitely due to my computer.
I don’t really have the time to look at it for now but i’ll give it a try in the next month.

Yes the ability to open old .form is a must to have ! +1 for that.


installed the old preform 1.7.1 parallel to the 1.8_7 on my mac, no problems.

So now I can print my old form-files with 1.7.1 with the newest firmware on the printer. :smile:

All new parts I print with the new 1.8_7, I like the new supports.

So for me is only the problem with the not shown y-scale of the fine tuning.


Thanks a lot for you help Karlheinz… this is a good solution for old files.

With 1.8 firmware and preform 1.7.1 and 1.8 installed… Great¡¡¡

Thanks again

I reinstall preform 1.8. It’s working perfectly now but i have a problem with the size of the base. It seems that it’s larger than the previous version and unfortunately if the base exceed the build area it doesn’t cut the excess even if that won’t change anything for the print. That’s a big problem for me because i made like 50 models which perfectly fit inside preform 1.7 and now i am stuck …

@Gillesalexandre You can print it with preform 1.7, you can install both together (V1.7 and V1.8 in diferent directories) and use as you need.

@Jose_Ignacio_Vicente you’r totally right, i just did that ! As long as i can print, it’s all that matter :slight_smile: but i hope they will fix the problem soon.

I’m glad you’ve resolved the problem.
Unfortunately, I think formlabs not going to fix this problem in the new version 1.8

Cool the new update just have the trim fonction and a nice new 200microns print setting for the clear resin

What is the trim Function? I dont find it