PreForm - Importing-Exporting feature


thath’s my first post and please excuse me if someone already asked same. I’ve seached the topic but didn’t found it.

I’ve started to use the Form1 machine and its software PreForm. the idea is that could be nice to import also .OBJ file type and have the chance to export the meshes after that the software performed the AutoOrientation. This orientation is well calculated by the software (usefull for the supports’ placement) and maybe we need do some editing (eg.: marge togheter the oriented pieces*) after that process. So could be nice to have the opportunity to save the meshes as .STL and, why not, alos as .OBJ.

*: marge oriented objects can be good in order to generate larger support’s base.

Thanks in advence for any kind reply,

Mattia Mercante

Hello Mattia

a little question: you are Italian and live in Italy?
If you are, we can keeping in contact, since I’m a Italian customer of Form 1



Mauro campana

Hello, yes I am.

you can contact me visiting my page of DevianArt (here I canìt send u P.M.)