Pre Form Crashes when importing files

I use Sketch Up to design in.

I can export as an OBJ file and it can SOMETIMES open in Preform without crashing and 90% of the time open in Preform after Ive re-saved the file as an OBJ or and STL in Meshlab.

Now as long as I don’t manually place the object where I want on the form plate and use only default angles and support struts it dons crash. If I do anything custom or manual- it crashed every time.

Does anyone else use Sketchup and have a good work flow of file types to use in order to utilize Preform to it’s intended capacity?

Curious and frustrated.

I am having the same problem as you; software crashes.

I open an .STL file in the PreForm software (v 1.8.2). I create .STL files from SolidWorks.

At first, I do not see my model when I attempt to open it in the PreForm software. The model shows up after I click on a few of the icons on the left-hand side of the screen…size or orientation or generate supports. Then I can change the orientation of my part and add supports.

But if I attempt to move my part on the grid, the software crashes every time. “PreForm.exe has stopped working”.