Preform crashing when loading a STL file

I know this has been discussed already with no actual fix. I want to know if Formlabs has addressed the crashing issue with Preform when trying to load a model? If you use File-Open, the software crashes and I need to start the program again. I’m running Windows 10 and all software updates are installed on my system, latest Preform, and software on the Form 2 is up to date. This was never an issue before and I haven’t seen any official fix other than drag and drop the files.

Hey Kenneth!

If you haven’t already, I would recommend doing a completely clean install of PreForm, meaning completely uninstall the previous version manually before installing the latest version again.

It’s not a guarantee that it will solve your issue, but I’ve seen that method solve other issues that looked like this previously!

We still get this crash regularly when browsing directories to open files - not even OPENING the file, just changing directories. I only see this issue on one PC with a blu-tooth mouse, the other PC never crashes PreForm, so it may be a driver conflict.