Exporting from PreForm as STL or OBJ?

I can’t find my original files and would like to export the Preform file as something that I can manipulate and measure (like an STL or OBJ). Is this possible?


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Hi! I’m sorry to hear about your files but unfortunately this is not a function at the moment but some people have requested this in the past, I know I did here a few months back. It would be a great function but seeing as Preform is a free product that works with Formlab printers I think the chances of this function being added are slim. But one can only hope! :grinning:

Yes it is definitely understandable that they wouldn’t want to do this, after all this is a commercial product not an open-source project and being able to export Preform files to a standard format would just make it the best free slicer for SLA printers, and will probably eat the Form2’s market share.

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Would you know if there’s any way to see what the name of the original file was that was imported and/or saved as the form file? Is there a history function in PreForm that shows what steps were done before printing, etc?

thanks again.


No problem! As far as I know there is not a history function or anything like that on the PreForm but you may find them on your dashboard if you’ve printed the object and kept the same name as the original file when it was printed.

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