3D printed model came out different

Hi all, I’ve recently printed out a piece and a part of it came out different than how it should’ve been. In PreForm the model looks fine and it doesn’t give me any cups or minima. Does any of you know why that would be??

send screen shot of model with supports and a pic of what grew. this will help, Did you stir material first before starting the job? and is there any fogging on the tray in the spot it was growing? or worse and material stuck on the tray?

Hey there!

As George mentioned above, a couple screenshots and photos will be a huge help in diagnosing these sorts of issues. :slight_smile:

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Here’s the picture of the 3D printed model and the one in PreForm.
I’m guessing that the distance from the outer edge of the circle is too short vertically.

You need to angle the part, you don’t want surfaces or edges to be parallel to the build platform because the layer will fall apart when it prints without a significant amount of supports.

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