Support Edits Not on Model Surface, External Supports

In the last few releases of Preform I have been having trouble editing the locations of external supports. Three issues are happening.

  1. When I select the support location to move it will move off of the model (full sphere shape),
  2. or become buried within the model (zero or submerged sphere shape),
  3. or it disappears completely. In this case I think it might be located on the opposite side of the model but I haven’t proven that.

    Ideally, when editing the support location, the sphere will slide along the surface at the correct depth, no mater where on the model it is moved to.

This is happening so often that it is becoming a real time suck. Is there a correction I can take for this?

This isn’t behavior we’ve seen before. Can you upload your .form file so that we can take a look at it? The support points being offset from the model is especially strange. Is it possible that this has to do with the way the mesh was designed?

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