Formlabs perform v.1.9.0 - edit supports

I am building a large model that just fits the build envelope. When the supports are generated, the base is outside the build envelope. The model turns red to notify the user of the problem (nice touch by the way). However, I cannot edit the supports while the model is in this condition. With the previous version of the software, I could edit supports (pretty much remove outside supports) until I got a build that fit. Help!

It’s my experience that any model larger than 110x110x150 cannot fit (and even those dimensions are pushing it) bear in mind that your print usually needs to be at an angle as well.

Generating supports is really buggy. Once you mis-click, you will generate a support in the middle of nowhere and the model becomes to big. Now you can´t edit any more. All your previous tedious work is useless at this point. See the picture.

Please allow editing, when the model is off as well.
Furthermore it would be nice to have the ability to select multiple point at the same time, so you do not need to click your way painfully trough. In my case I am deleting supports on the inside of an open wire structure, because I can´t remove them after printing.
A third thing is a single click does not work with the menu any more. I have to hold down the button to get to different items in the list. (using a Wacom Intous).
thanks for fixing this. Best, phillip

I printed my model with the old version software just fine. Was able to remove supports at the edge after the software warned me it was outside the build envelope. When I tried to print an almost identical version of the part using the new software, I could not edit the supports after the warning. I had to download the old version of the software to get the job done.

I upgraded the software because it is needed for the new Tough material, which should be delivered tomorrow! So now not sure what to do!

Thanks for letting us know about that! Feel free to send us an email with your OS and graphics card information and we can submit a bug report to our software team. You can reach us at

In the meantime, you can have multiple versions of PreForm installed at once, provided they’re installed to different directories (one in applications/programs and one on the desktop, for example). Our software team is taking all the feedback about 1.9 very seriously and we’ll do our best to iron out all these tricky issues!

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