Supports outside Build Volume

Unless I’m missing something, I can load up a part that just fits in the build envelope only to have PreForm build supports outside the print volume and then to have the printer reject the final (supported) part as being too large.

It seems like an easy option to trim the outlying sections of base. A nice finishing touch would be to build a solid band of support material in the area where it has been trimmed, to reduce the chances of the part peeling off.

Just a thought.

Hey Andrew — that shouldn’t be happening. Do you have a model or some screenshots you can share so that I can report this as a bug w/ our software team and get the wheels rolling on a fix?

Last time I tried, the printer rejected a Form file that was even slightly out of bounds. FWIW, this model is running after I built supports in Rev 1.3 (Bottom Picture)

Is that last photo there, using PreForm 1.8? That looks much better, of course.

As an aside — are the missing characters in your screenshots an artifact of the screengrab for some reason, or is that a problem you’re seeing as well?

The last photo is with the 1.3 beta that you sent me when PreForm quit working on my Win XP machines. The massively overhanging base was produced by PreForm 1.8.

I’ve been putting up with the glitchy display since 1.3 came out. I believe there is an implementation issue with OpenGL in your graphics drivers. My PCs are a few years old, but SolidWorks runs it through it’d paces with no trouble.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. I’ll pass these details on to our software team, and let you know if they’d like anything else. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

the supports generated out of bounds was happily solved for a while, but it seems like it just got back into the latest version. Can you please look into it.
Is there a ways to download older versions of preform?

A couple of people have archived older versions of Preform. Use at your own risk!


or here: