Trim Support Bases to Fit in the 125mm x 125mm build envelope

I’ve had numerous setups fail because the support bases grow outside the build envelope. This is tedious because I’d like to use the full envelope for my parts, but I end up giving away 5mm or so for the bases of the support tower. It’s downright annoying if I use my shop computer (an old laptop running XP) and I have to wait 5-10 minutes for Preform to generate supports, only to have the bases push out past the edge of the envelope.

I understand how the algorithm wants to make a nice circle around the base of each one, but it seems like it could just trim off the excess and add a bit of extra material to the inside of the support base and everything should be fine.

Can you show us a side view of the part or are you willing to post the .form file?  It will help to better understand the part so we can help.

I can’t post this file. I’ll post a dummy part to demonstrate the problem. Any time you build supports in Preform, the build envelope increases. This isn’t a proble until you are bumping into the limits of the Form 1 (125mmx125mmx150mm) in which case, having Preform trim the edges of the support bases would be helpful.

Here’s a dummy part that just fits inside the build envelope (124mm in the Y-direction). After supports are built, it’s 129 in Y. It’s interesting to note that Preform flags a part that will become oversized in the Z-direction (before it builds all the supports), but doesn’t do any checking in X or Y before building supports (that would be an easy one to add).

Here are a few pics and comments.

I do want to add that I was quite impressed with the last build (similar to this part). It was larger part with a lot of 2mm thick walls. It wasn’t perfect, but I was impressed  with the overall quality.

Andy, would you mind posting your STL? That’ll be useful for our software team in taking a look at these issues and consider your suggestions.

Sure thing. Here’s the file. It’s a dummy part that shows the features that Preform is struggling with.



Just wondered if you had noticed the missing build base to the supports? I linked this thread to another ‘Support for the Supports’.

Thanks for all the thoughts, here! Our software team is working on improvements. Hopefully they’ll be rolled into the next couple of updates.