Ignore printing volume / trim to bounds

No question, the support generator is a great thing.
If you try to print something that almost reached the bounds of the building platform though, the generated support base will exceed the building volume and make it unprintable.

For my understanding there could be three ways to solve it:
1, Give the user the possibility to start a print even thought the mesh is bigger than the volume.
2, Have the option to automatically trim of everything beyond the building box limits
3, Have the possibility to export the .stl after gerartion of the support structure, so you could handle the problem in some other software and reimport afterwards.

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I especially like #3 because it enables other things too. Like if you need to tweek your model for any reason, after spending time to really get supports and scaling right, you currently have no way to do that and reimport without redoing all supports. With #3, you would be able to manage any modeling fix up and reimport the mesh and supports.

I would just love it if they would implement something. I run my Form 1 at a remote shop, and it’s a real bugger when I get over there and discover that a sliver of support now extends outside the build area.

At the very least, a warning to let us know that the support base is out of bounds would be nice.

Thanks for pointing this out guys. The feedback has been passed up!