Some support structure related bugs and requests


there are some bugs in Preform I have lately been struggling with:

  • In general the Support structure should respect the the printing volume and should not cause the model to be shifted out of bounds.

  • If you generate a support structure the generation may shift out of bounds (e.g. on top), once you try to change the parameters now, preform will give you the error, that you can´t do this, because the volumes is out of bounds. The only thing you can do now is reorient the whole part in order to break the support structure.

  • Sometime support structure will still be created reaching out sideways and not be trimmed of.

  • If you modify base thickness and Height above base before generation of the support structure they will go back to default ,after editing it.

  • Sometimes support structure will be lost when opening the file on a different machine. (No idea how to reproduce at the moment…)

Some requests:

  • When using multiple STLs in one file the support structure should also respect the other models.
  • There should be not only the option of flat spacing, but also of what is the respected slope ratio.

Thank you for your attention.



Providing more control over the stuctures and orientation would be nice enhancements, but structures for multiple STL files would be excellent! I usually run a number of small parts at once, and being able to stack up the entire build volume would allow me to set the machine and let it go all day/night.

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