Large Prints No Longer Fit in Build Volume After PreForm Update

We are printing some large objects that go right up to the limits of the Form 1+ build volume. These large prints used to fit in the build volume just fine after support generation in a previous version of PreForm. However, after recently updating PreForm to 1.9.0, the exact same objects can no longer fit in the build volume due to the support raft apparently being larger in the new version of PreForm. This is extremely frustrating because I know the object can print successfully on our Form 1+, and it is often just a single raft removal feature sticking out of the build volume that makes the entire print impossible.

I can see one of several solutions to this problem:

  • Can I roll back to a previous version of PreForm that will allow me to make these prints?
  • Can I override the “Models Outside of Build Volume” error message in any way to make the print continue regardless?
  • Can I edit the raft to remove unnecessary raft removal features that are preventing my entire print from working?

Making the part smaller is simply not an option in this case, and we are depending on our Form 1+ as part of a time-sensitive product development cycle. Any support that you can provide in resolving this issue would be much appreciated.

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I’ve been having the same problem. Please post if you find a solution that works in the new software. In the meantime I think the old software’s the way to go.

I’ve been quietly commenting on this issue for quite a while. I haven’t upgraded the driver software in a while, so I wasn’t aware there was a version that didn’t build an oversized raft (That’s great to hear!).

So hopefully you still have the download file somewhere. Might be in a download folder somewhere?. If you could tell me what version it is and maybe send me a copy, that would be great. Try ahudson at (Thanks).

Thanks for posting. I hope you’re having some luck in getting back to the old version.

Hi Derek,
Thanks for reporting this issue. It has been fixed for the next version of PreForm.

  • Shane

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