Form 2 _actual_ print volume

In trying to print are large piece, it appears that Preform considers the print volume of the Form 2 to be 143.75mm x 143.75mm x 174.75mm.

The advertised specifications indicate that the print volume is 145mm x 145mm x 175mm.

This is the difference between a model that just fits in the advertised specification, and a model that doesn’t fit within the actual capability (143.86 x 144.26 x 174). The total volume of the print is very small (30ml).

How can I use the advertised print volume specified in the product page?

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Don’t forget that if you need to use supports you will also lose some height! Can you separate your model into parts?

While I may be able to further decompose the model, this is the last piece in a 18 piece assembly that was designed inside a 145x145x175 print volume.

Unfortunately I’ve already printed all of the other pieces; slicing this particular piece into smaller pieces will require a redesign and reprint of the parts it interfaces with.

If its possible to use the advertised build volume, I would like to better understand how I might do that.

If it’s not possible to use the advertised build volume, I would like the advertised build volume to be updated to reflect the actual build volume.

It seems reasonable to be conservative or even precise with the advertised build volume; its unacceptable to overstate it.

Thanks for the consideration though! :wink:

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I see your problem, hopefully someone will come in with some helpful info, I never really checked this myself but would be interested to see why the bu old volume isn’t as advertised!

The raft sticks past the printed part. That’s your extra print volume.

If your part is only 30mL it’s probably possible to angle& rotate the part to fit. Otherwise you’re stuck creating your own supports & raft to build directly on the build plate. Fusion 360 can generate supports but I haven’t messed with that yet.


The raft is an optional, though recommended, part of a print. If you create a 145mm x 145mm x 175mm solid cube and import it into PreForm (v2.14.0), it will immediately indicate that the print is too large (e.g. before applying any supports/rafts).

I iterated on this process to determine what the actual maximum build volume is (after being able to rotate the object I actually wanted to print in the cad/cam software to fit within the ‘advertised’ build volume).

I wonder if something got messed up on the version you are on. Any chance anyone has an older (I assume you are on the latest) version of Preform to test this out on?

Can’t help you out with an answer but surely agree with your statement that FormLabs should state a conservative (even if it is under actual) build volume vs overstating the same… It is just WRONG to do otherwise.

Reminds me of motorcycle manufacturers. When stating horse power ratings the Japanese manufacturers would take their reading at the crank (of the engine), where Ducati (Italian) would take their reading at the rear wheel. Japanese HP numbers looked better but the Ducati numbers were the actual horses that the rider cold expect to get from their machine.

A Marketing numbers game ! I hate Marketing…whatever sells. Hopefully practices such as those stated bite the manufacturers in the butt and they change their ways…Doubtful though !

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