Preform Override

Is there a way to override the “Model Outside of Build Volume” error? I end up just not using control points near the edges. I am using Flexible 80 so the support structure is significantly wider than the part. Is this adjustable, and has any body had luck with different setting with Flexible resin?


Hi @Tommy1,

It is not possible to override the Outside Build Volume error in PreForm. I can submit this feedback to our Product Team on your behalf. I cannot promise that this feature will be implemented but our Product Team reviews all feedback when planning future updates!

hey Tommy. From the top view it looks like you have some room if you rotate about 30degrees and point the part into the opposite corners. Perhaps I don’t see the whole thing so this may not be an answer. or perhaps you were trying to place a 2nd part into that open space? Yeah, unfortunately, i’ve not had the chance to figure out the support footprint issue either. I am still running on the smaller format Form3B and there are times I wish I could just toss out a few corners on those stupid supports. Very frustrating.

Try rotating the model, switching to mini-rafts, or scaling your model just a tiny bit so it all fits inside.
Problem is with the support raft, not your model.

Hi Jarad,

That’s unfortunate, but thought I would check. I would appreciate it if you submitted this to the product team.


Thanks for your suggestions. I am trying to print 2 parts at a time to save on time. Also the object unfortunately needs to be a specific size. I will try smaller rafts


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I agree… switch to mini rafts, In over 3 years of using these printers, I’ve still not figured out the benefit of using full rafts, I’m sure there is one, but I’ve never once thought to myself “gee, I should have used a full raft instead”

Ok, I’ll give it a try. Thanks for your input

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