Form 3 for jewelry and castable wax

thank you all for sharing your experiences with Formlabs printers.
I am waiting for my printer to arrive any day now (Form 3)- From reading many of the comments here I see that there are some (or many) issues with print quality.

Can anyone share their experience using Form 3 for jewelry ? specifically with Castable wax? also if anyone has experience with actual castings I would love to hear and learn from them.

thank you !!

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I’m using Form 3 during one month but don’t cast yet any pices

Its a 50 and 25 mikron resoluton

Thank you! they look good especially the 25M. are you generally happy with the results? are most prints successful? I will post my experience once I get the machine. is there any layer shifting with the 25M object?
looks like a small area there did shift a bit