Castable wax resin survey


Hi, please let us know how many of you had succesfull results with the purple stuff , and how many are struggling to get decent casting.



I am struggling to get a good print out of form 3 with castable wax. castings are coming out fine- I have tried it several times with couple of casting places in NYC and they came out good. there is apparently a specific liquid they deep it in before casting to get good results. but that’s as much as I know.


For many years I have use a Roland JWX-30 CNC machine for making jewelry And the prints I get from Form 3 are as good or better than the CNC machine. As for the casting ability of the castable wax resin I do my own casting in silver and I have not had very good success with it I do believe it is something I’m not going correct and the casting are coming out very bad and are unusable