Anyone used the Castable resin yet?

Eager to see if anyone has used the new Castable resin. My order arrived last week but I’m waiting for my upgraded machine to return.

If you’ve used it, please post some pics and share your experience.

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Hey Stephen,

The castable resin works really well. In fact better than any other resin I’ve casted before.

I haven’t had a chance to do much with it yet, because I’m having some minor issues with my printer that I’m trying to get diagnosed, but the resin is great. You’ll be really happy with it.

I did various castings and they all came out great.

Here is one example


Awesome… makes me want to take up jewelry!

Could you use this process to cast aluminium?

That looks great MD. Will get the chance to cast mine very soon.

Those look great - very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

Would you please tell us what investment material and what burnout cycle you’re using?
We’ve tried casting some intricate parts printed with clear resin, investing with R&R Ultravest and burning out with a “conventional” cycle with less than gratifying results. Now that we have some castable resin, we would like to try parts printed with it along with the best known approach(s) for investing & burnout.

Frank, the clear resin is not castable. Don’t waste your time on that.

Please follow the instructions provided by Formlabs for casting the castable resin using R&R Plasticast investment.


Wooah, this is so cool :slight_smile: it makes me want to create and cast rings

With your skills, I imagine you will make incredible rings.

Great ring! What are the dimensions of that text? What level of detail is able to be captured in the casting?

I am hoping to cast some clamps with a set of teeth that are traditionally machined. They are about .2mm deep. Think they could be printed/cast?


Hi Alex. Thanks. The text is tiny. The band is about 3mm wide, so the text is smaller than that.

I don’t see any issues printing those clamps and the teeth should come out fine if the model is oriented properly.

I’ve never casted anything like that, but It shouldn’t be a problem I guess.

Thanks! I’ll let you guys know how it works out, for science.

As for the orientation you mentioned, I take it the part should be made sideways versus straight up and down? (So it prints all 30 teeth at the same time as it goes up, versus just making them one at a time and loosing detail).

Here is the fox ring casted in silver and plated with 14k gold.


I did my first casting with Castable resin and it came out perfectly! Not only that, but I followed my usual burnout cycle rather than the recommended one, and had no problem at all.

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Congrats Sarah. Do you have any photos? My burnout is a little different too. It burns out like wax. So far the best castable resin I’ve ever worked with.

Hi Monger, pretty nice result, are you using Plasticast to get this result ?

Hi Christophe,

Thanks. Yes, we only use Plasticast investment for resins. They work a little better than Satincast.

I will be posting some new rings soon. Much more detail on them, with prongs and set stones, etc.

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Hi Monger Designs, thank you for your advise, we did obyain some results, but they were not good enough, with some porosity.

For testing/control purposes to make sure it’s not other issues, I always cast some wax pieces on the same tree. That way if the casting is to blame, you can see it on the wax also.

So far I haven’t had any porosity or any other issues casting the formlabs castable resin.

Here is another ring I printed on the Form1+ using the Castable resin.

Casted in silver, polished, and gold plated.

It came out ok I think.

Didn’t expect to be able to print this on the Form1 at all, so I’m very happy it came out this good. :wink:

And another shot.