What kinda resin i should use for jewelry making

i want to use the form1 to print jewelry models what do u advice me pls ? and what kind of resin i should use ?

We are working on a castable resin, but we do not currently have a material released that is designed for casting.



You have been working on this for more than a year now, can you please give us an indication when this resin will be available.

Keep up the good work.



I’m coming to a realization that most of the castable resins that are available from high-end printer manufacturers are closely guarded patented formulas. Maybe that’s why Form Labs is having trouble releasing it for all this time. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it very soon and give us what we need.

Or it could be some kind of agreement with 3d systems? :wink:

Mainly what is taking so long in developing the castable resin is that we are a very small team doing lots of things :slight_smile:

I don’t have a timeline for release, but aside from the material creation…each new resin requires extensive testing with new machine settings to optimize usage. Keep your ear to the ground. We will be updating everyone when there are updates to be had!


Maybe you should posts some results, sample pictures, casted samples, anything, so that we get an idea of the work in progress on the resin. I’m sure you guys have plenty of those since you do the extensive testing.

I agree with Monger. Sample pictures like this one from the Kickstarter days would be welcomed.

Jory, if you need beta testers you know where to find us. I would even be willing to pay for the shipping.

Castable resin is the digital jewelers holy grail : )

Hey Jesse,

I agree. However, in the last few month I have literally tested all types of resins on the Form1 and none of them work. Not only that, I also requested samples from various high-end printer/resin makers who claim castable resins and none of them were perfectly castable. There is always ash residue left which impacts the casting result. I even tried multiple casting houses to make sure it wasn’t because of my caster.

Guess what…only the b9 resin was giving consistently awesome casting results.

I’m going to wait a little longer for form labs to resale the resin. Or perhaps if I see an HD version of the B9 creator this year, I’m buying it.

Are you guys using the castable resin yet? How is the process? No problem printing it?

We’ve had excellent results with our casting resin. If anyone is interested, you can download our burnout instructions here. Since this is a resin and not a wax, the temperatures required are a little different:

Castable-Tutorialv4.1.pdf (2.9 MB)

see my blue resin models!

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Not all great!

is it blue-cast resin?

There are two types of resin for jewelry making: epoxy resin that you mix as you need it or a pre-mixed variety that you simply pour straight from the bottle.