Jewelry making trial and casting

having a background on casting and jewelry design i decide to post for the first time some of my work
and what i have being working for a week now.
will like to know if any one had better resorts…

I also have a back round in jewelery , did you sprew the rings in preform software?

yes this was done all in preform software…
I’m currently working on casting some… when the come out. I will post some of the pics

Hi all! We’re super excited to announce our new castable resin today. Check it out on our website!

I’m not a jeweler but this is so nice. Maybe i’ll try it some day :slight_smile:

This is great news wow!!! dream come true
forthe form 1, I’m super excited this is great for my bussiness.

Does the castable resin work with the Form1?

@johnny_gebeyan Yep - all resins are compatible with both the Form 1 and Form 1+!