Need a sample prints on the Form1?

Since I can’t use my form1 for my jewelry business yet (no castable resin available at the moment) and it’s been just sitting there most of the time looking pretty, I have been helping some people out with sample prints when my machine is not being used, which helps them with their buying decision or they just want to see the quality while waiting for their printer to ship.

So if anyone needs a sample printed, please let me know and I will give you a quote.

I charge just enough to cover my costs (time, resin, consumables) and this will help me continue my never-ending quest for castable resin and higher resolution resin mixes/formulas for the Form1.

The resin color/choice will be based on availability of course and on whatever I have in the tank at the moment. Oh and no huge parts please.

Hi Monger,

I have been reading the forums and your research. I am a fashion jewellery manufacturer. Can you please advice me which is best for me out of the three printers B9 or Form1 or 3d Projet 1200.

Please reply


Hi Ahmed,

What do you plan to use the printer for? Manufacturing or prototyping? I haven’t seen the output from the projet 1200 yet, so I can’t comment on it. The form1 is easier to use than the b9, but the b9 can give you finer details and the resin is castable.

But if you have money to spend, I would probably get something more geared for jewelry, a professional printer like the Kevvox. They do have a presence in Asia, but none in the USA unfortunately.

Well Monger its nice you replied. I will use it for prototyping. Unfortunately i don’t have a budget that allows me to spend something around $25000 for a Kevvox. Do you think if i buy a form 1 and use the resin parts to make a silicone mould?

It depends on what you make. You would most likely need to make 2 molds. The first mold would you can use to make a rough master. Then you work on that master and make it all nice and smooth and perfect. Then make another mold of that for production, etc.

Monger attached is the type of jewelry we manufacture. There is a lot of use of prongs. Will form 1 do this kind of job?

how small are the prongs? the smallest I was able to print was about 0.4mm and that was with my mix resin.

For that type of jewelry you may need a more professional printer designed specifically for jewelry.

well the smallest size of prongs are 0.55 mm.

Hi Monger,

I’d like to use Your (small) prototyping service (until my Form1 will be shipped one day … !)

How to go on ?

Hi Peter,

Email me your stl file at MONGERDESIGNS AT LIVE DOT COM and I will get back to you with a quote.