First Jewlery Prints with Formone (Game Changer)

HI Everyone,
I wanted to share with everyone my initial experiences with my printer.

A little background about myself. I am a third generation jeweler and I primarily design and manufacture my designs overseas where all our models are wax carved by hand. It is a slow and tedious process that can take about 6 weeks from conception to final sample.

I have been researching 3d printing for a couple of years to help with improving the workflow of sample production and had my eye on the formone since its kickstarter campaign. I finally took the plunge and received my formone two weeks ago. After a few runs all I can say is WOW!!! I cannot begin to describe my overall satisfaction. Attached are some pics of the first prints.

We are being very careful about maintenance since I have heard of issues regarding longevity and output. Hopefully my printer won’t breakdown as I have heard from other users on the thread. We try to keep printing time to under 3:30 minutes and I think we have been successful due to the small size of the samples we print. We also have experienced some flaking but usually these can be removed after curing.

Despite the concerns, I am thrilled. Before I would have to spend well over $100 per print outsourcing it to another person with a printer. I get close to same or better results compared to their $25000 solidscape printer. We have already printed a couple dozen samples and are close to seeing our return on initial investment. My workflow has reduced from weeks to literally a couple of days and I have big plans in the future with sample development. I will probably buy another formone in the near future so I can reduce possible downtime.

Its incredible, I haven’t been this excited in the jewelry industry in years. It is truly revolutionary and my only regret is not joining the party earlier. Happy printing!



Hi @Shawn_Behnam,

Glad you are happy, those prints look fantastic! Have you tried our castable resin? Any photos of finished pieces in metal?


Your prints seems to be great! What’s the resolution?25microns?
If you have tried the castable resin and cast it ,can you post pics of the results please?
I m in FRANCE and i’m interested in theFORM1+ to make jewelry parts, but i want to be sure that the castable resin came out perfect before buying one! I’ve tried the PROJET 1200 resin of 3DSYSTEMS but the results was pretty bad for me!
When i see your prints i just want to say nice work!!I’m very curious to see these prints casted.

I actually have not yet tried the cartable resin despite buying a bottle and extra tank/platform. I will be in the near future and will share my results.
The problem with the cartable resin is that my current caster was unsuccessful in casting some samples. I think he’s being lazy and does not want to follow directions. I have another caster who said he can get it done successfully so I will try again next week.

I have a fresh batch of casting coming to me tomorrow so I will share then. My caster is closed due to the storm in New York.

I have not yet tried the 25 micron setting but was able to get great results with the 50 micron setting. I don’t want to run the formone for more that 3 1/2 hours due to fear of failed prints. Just trying small items at first and will expand to bigger items like bangles once I am more comfortable with the machine.

Thanks for sharing your experiment!
just 50 microns!the quality seems to be impressive!
What’s your CAD software?
i’m impatient to see your results!

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