Jewelry Rings First Prints Form 1+

Hi Everyone,
I have received my Form1+ , and I have to say, I have been so far Quite Impressed !
I was not expecting the Printer to give such detailed results,
As a Jewelry Cad Designer, I thought I would be using the Form1+ for some relatively basic designs and then rework it with wax/mold to then proceed to the casting of the model… but when I gave it a few tests, I was blown away with the detailed. This has changed completely my vision to work with this machine and to now concentrate on delivering design models for production.
As I am used to deal on the daily basis with other 3D printing machines, The details I find on the Form1+ are very comparable to the most expensive machines on the market today !
Of Course, like many of you, a Castable Resin would be greatly appreciated…

Here some prints on Grey at 0.025mm



Prints are looking good, what did you print at , 25 , 50 or 100? Are you having any luck casting the resins yet? I see some people talking about other resins, have you tried anything from anyone other than form 1 yet?

Keep up the great work and keep the post coming.

@Todd Michael

Fire Cast resin from madesolid might be worth a go.

Looking good. If you are impressed with the amount of detail you get from the grey resin, you are going to be blown away if you try the black resin.

Thank You
These examples were print at 25, the 50 res was also very acceptable, I just prefer to use the highest resolution available.
I have tried fireCast but It does not work for my models with high details, I think FireCast can only work for now for fairly basic design model.

Hi Monger Designs,
After I saw the prints that you have posted, Thank You !, I tried the Black Resin shortly after and it is by far my preferred material, it visually looks great, it also feels a harder material to work with, and it does not break as easy when cutting the support structure.
Here is a test at 25

Hi Christophe,

Try printing that same ring using the black resin on the 50 micron setting. For some reason I’m seeing sharper prints on the 50 than on the 25 microns. It could be that the black resin is not optimized well for such a thin slice and is getting overcured.

Hi Monger Designs,
Thank you for the advise, I’ll try the 50 micron setting, may be it has to do with the 1.6 recent version software.

Christophe, Can you give me some info on custom supports. I’m having trouble generating custon suports.