Love my Form 1 printer for jewelry

I really enjoy working with my printer and the Castable resin burns out clean and easy to finish. I also like the fact that I can show the ring to the customer and not fear that they might break it. My first few projects made me a little uneasy so I would grow and carve them just in case. Not any more! What I used to have to carve in several pieces and then assemble the pieces. Now I can grow it in one piece and save a substantial amount of time. Like I said I love my printer!

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Looks great! :smile:

Do you have any photos of a finished ring?

What do you use to model them?

I use rhino 5 with rhino gold plug in and Brazil to render.



That is excellent! Really nice job.

Hi David,
I just saw your RING’s PRINT.
Can you please tell me if the printing supports come after your “round base” (in the photo)?

Hi Luis:
I have included some pictures of the supports I create and an stl sample for you. I hope this helps.grow base.stl (25.9 KB)


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amazing work!

Thank you David. I just saw your answer.
My question: for your RINGS you use only the support you send me?
I suppose the FORMLAB’s generated suports come beneath your round cylindric base?
I have made some casting tests with companies in Paris -castable resin, with bad results.
Is the casting process OK for your “fine” pieces?

Hi Luis.
I do not use the form 1 supports. When I send the print it comes up with a warning that I have no supports I click to proceed without supports. I never use the formlabs supports at all. As for burnout. Are you curing the items well in UV light? If not they will fail in the casting process. You must maintain a temp of no more than 290 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-4 hours prior to increasing the temperature for burnout. Castings come out great.

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David, would you mind sharing with a newbie to 3D printing/casting, how are you finishing your cast pieces? Cratex polishing wheels? Sandpaper? That part still remains a mystery to me. Many thanks!

(I traditionally work in sterling silver, but when I see the surfaces on any castings from 3D prints, I think they look way too rough, but the majority of people on the forum say they look good…so I’m just curious how much work do these require? I can imagine with a $4,000-10,000 platinum or gold ring, a lot of finishing probably pays off, with silver it might be too much work, unless I’m creating a mold from the finished piece. Forgive me if I’m asking newbie questions that are silly! Many thanks!)

Somebody also asked about the investment…I’ve always used Kerr Satincast for metal, but didn’t see a reply to the earlier question about Satincast vs. Plasticast…do you mind me asking what are you using?

I get the same results with either and satincast is easier to use.the secret to smooth castings is curing the resins until they are dry and not sticky at all… Particularly the heavier the resin model the longer the cure. I am now curing my models 12 -24 hours. You must also be very careful about the burnout cycle. Start with a fast climb to 290 and hold for 2 hours then to 700 for 1 hour then to 1350 for 1 hour. Then drop to your casting temp and cast. Make sure that your investment is fully dry before inserting into the oven. As for finishing I use files and emery sticks. Green koyo polishing compound from Stuller is amazing for silver. I hope this helps


David, thanks so much! Yes, one of my first models was a ring…I didn’t tilt it (set it up like a ferris wheel), and realized that when it was cured, the UV light didn’t really reach the bottom of the ring because of the supports, which resulted in a very “fluffy” and opaque look to the bottom, whereas the top looked exactly like my model and was transparent and hard. I don’t have my Form 2 yet, but it should be here in the next couple of weeks. The test prints made by the distributor here from my models look promising.

Thanks so much for the burnout schedule and tips! Very helpful information…I really appreciate it!

David_Adamson okay? I live in Brazil and I am looking to buy a more formlabs have some print quality doubt, has posibility of vc vfazer a prototype jewelry and aviar for me in Brazil paid all costs of the piece and mail have this possibility?

Sua mensagem não é uma boa tradução para Inglês … muito difícil entender o que você está pedindo . Você está pedindo para alguém para imprimir algo para você e enviá-lo? Eu não sei o que língua é falada no Brasil, mas a palavra "fazer " mostra como sendo português. Escreva sua mensagem em sua língua nativa, e podemos usar o Google Translate …

(Your message is not a good translation to English…very difficult to understand what you’re asking. Are you asking for someone to print something for you and mail it? I don’t know what language is spoken in Brazil, but the word “fazer” shows as being Portugese. Write your message in your native language, and we can use Google Translate…)

David_Adamson ok? Eu moro no Brasil e eu estou olhando para comprar um mais formlabs ter alguma impressão dúvida qualidade, tem possibilidade de você fazer uma joia de protótipo e aviar para mim no Brasil paga todos os custos da peça e correio têm essa possibilidade? Espero que esteja claro.

(here is the translation…I cleaned it up a little)
David_Adamson ok? I live in Brazil and I am looking to buy a Formlabs printer and have some doubt about print quality. Wondering about the possibility of you making a prototype jewelry and send (air mail?) for me in Brazil pay all costs of the piece and mail?

Rodrigo, I don’t have my printer yet, or I would consider doing this for you. I might have mine next week sometime. David, are you out there?

Rodrigo, quer resina moldável ou resina regular? Parto do princípio de sua nota anterior que você está interessado em usar a impressora Formlabs para a fundição de jóias. Há também uma resina mais recente que é suposto ser melhor com um detalhe mais fino, mas a maioria das pessoas estão usando a resina moldável mais velho.

VocĂŞ entende esta mensagem? VocĂŞ fala portuguĂŞs?

(Rodrigo, do you want castable resin or regular resin? I assume from your previous note that you are interested in using the Formlabs printer for casting jewelry. There is also a newer resin that is supposed to be better with finer detail, but most people are using the older castable resin.)

Prefiro resina moldável, que ai eu faço o molde no silicone liquido!

Forum folks, Rodrigo is looking for a regular resin print that he can make an RTV silicone mold from.

(Pessoas do fórum, Rodrigo está à procura de uma cópia de resina regular que ele pode fazer um molde de silicone RTV de. Rodrigo, vamos ver se alguém é capaz de fornecer um para você.)