Chunks Out Of Top Of Rings... Help!

I have been using the casting resin to print out rings.
ive been printing demo rings out and they either completely fail, or there is a chunk missing somewhere.
I know nothing is wrong with the printer itself because when i contacted their engineers, we printed off the test prints and they were all fine.
Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this?
any and all advice is appreciated!

ill post a picture of how i would have it set up in preform and a couple demo rings already printed.

(The rings are different in both pictures)

So the test prints work well with the same resin and settings?

It sounds like a problem with either the CAD model or the STL. However, the supports and base don’t look too clean. I’ve never printed with castable but my supports don’t have that much noise in them, maybe go back to Formlabs with that?

Just typing out loud, but it looks like the top of the ring is where the most distortion is coming from. Have you tried printing the ring upside down to see if it is still messed up?

I do a large amount of growing for casting. I seldom if ever use the supports that Preform creates. I find several problems with these and besides it creates a lot of clean up. The designs you show seem heavy enough to not need so many supports.
I have attached a jpeg and an stl file I use for ALL my castings. This works like a charm and I can modify it to work on almost any design I make. I also use a lower resolution print setting for problem designs.
I hope this helps you.
David Adamson

grow base.stl (25.9 KB)

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Hi David,

Thanks for the advice and file! Forgive me for not knowing, but how do I go about attaching the base stl file you attached in your post to one of my rings? Do I open it in my CAD software or am I able to do this in preform?
Thanks again!

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