My design cast in silver

Resin casting is great.


Really nice work!

Looks incredible! Do you have any photos of the resin with sprues in preparation for burnout?

I’d be curious to see everyone else’s for ideas on sprue’s and optimizing for casting. My first ring is in my kiln and is 2 hours from being done with the burnout schedule and ready to be cast.

Thank you all.
I it have not pictures, but enclose with programme drops.
I greet all.
Sorry I do not it k now English language. I use programme to translation


That would be a fantastic hood ornament on a really cool car from the late 1920’s :smile:

What program do you use to make supports?

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Fantastic, about how long did it take to have the model trimmed/polished and ready for casting? I’m a new F1+ user and still experimenting, did you consider having the head down to the base rather than up? Less supports and less trimming? I’ve printed the new butterfly in castabe resin and had difficulty trimming the supports o the thinnest 3 sections of the the wing, especially where the square perimeter piece overlaps at the end. Hard to describe. Thanks for any response.