Purple resin castable

Just cast the new purple castable resin from formlabs. I used th same burnout that i use for bluecast castable. Came out perfect! much better than the original castable. Thde pave ring is purple castable and the pendant is bluecast

thanks formlabs





I was wondering if you do anything to your models prior to investing, like any special abrasives and topical smoothing / cleaning agents?


Erick. I used nothing on the resin. No was smoothing or pre treatment of any kind. Used R and R plasticast. No banddust. Came out beautiful. No ash residue or porosity



Thank you very much for your response!!!
Good to know, great to hear !
Thanks again !

have your tried casting gold? ive tried a couple times with 14w and 14y with horrible results

gold silver should react same for both

not at all, ive done the same model in 2 different flasks in the same burnout. one gold, one silver. gold is unusable, and silver is perfect. cant figure out why.

Do you need the LT tank to print this resin??


i used ordinary tank and it worked fine

There are a couple of possibilities your kiln could have uneven temperatures within it and one flask might have been sitting in a cooler/hotter part of the kiln to the other. Second is spruing. Getting the sprues right is vital for a good cast. Third the design might have close thin holes etc which are still tricky with any castable resin because of the expansion.

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Take heed when they say “don’t store resin in a standard tank for more than a month.” From what I’ve learned, the castable resins are especially hard on tanks. After I was working with BlueCast, I started filtering tanks and storing resin in a quart paint cup with a lid and storing them in a dark cabinet when not printing. I NEVER STORE CASTABLE RESIN IN A TANK ON THE PRINTER, after having a tank with standard Formlabs version 2 castable resin leak.

Even if I store the resin in the tank, I remove it from the printer and store it in the box just in case. If it leaks, it won’t harm the printer. But my method of using a paint filter cone and a quart plastic container is not that much of a hassle if I know I’m not printing right away.

I do my first cast prints tomorrow, and I’ll report back. I am BEYOND THRILLED that Formlabs has a new castable wax resin, and can’t wait to see the results. I’d much prefer purchasing from and supporting Formlabs…I really appreciated the all-in-one system with the dispenser bottles of resin and not having to cure or print in open mode.

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Have you figured out a shrinkage percentage yet?

no shrinkage

Anyone having problems with Castable Wax resin sticking to the build plate? I have had a couple of items fall off and spoil the last three prints. The resin seems to adhere very lightly to the build platform it only takes a light flick to get them off. Blue castable resin stuck much better.

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I have this problem on small prints (less adhesion area)
I ve also noticed they stick better with LT tanks… don’t ask me why.
I ve lowered the build platform 0.1mm on the printer with the old tray, works better now.

Thanks David, I have also lowered the build platform an extra 0.1mm it was already set at 0.3 and is now set at 0.4 but it didn’t help. I am thinking of roughing up the surface of the build plate but don’t want to do this if it won’t help. Also I have noticed that Castable Wax seems to fog the ordinary trays more quickly than the other resins. Would you recommend using an LT Tank with Castable wax resin?

I have better results with LT tanks… so yes I would recommend it

I have had no issues casting gold (14, 18, RG, YG, and WG). I follow the burnout schedule to the tee ( 8 hour schedule). I also let the investment dry out for about 4 hours before we begin the burnout cycle.

Has anyone tried this resin on Form 1+?
Can not we really print?
I have a Form 1+ printer that is efficient, I would like to use it until Form 3 appears.

I’ve just noticed some parts not sticking to the build platform too, as well as quick clouding of the tank. I lowered my z height by .01mm and sanded my platform a bit. Seems to have taken care of the adhesion problem. My only issue now is that when printing too many parts at once I seem to be getting a lot of layer line shifting. Has anyone experienced this yet with the castable wax? I’m assuming its because of the excessive clouding and the resin being rough on the pdms. I’ve also wondered about getting an LT tank to fix this. If only it was in stock :slight_smile: