Castable resin casting problems. does anyone getting this?

I got my form 1+ after replacement in November end. I am using castable resin with my new form 1 +. But having casting problems with its casting. Does anyone having same problem with material. posting pics of my casting and printouts could anyone suggest what wrong am i doing ?

here is dropbox link

Any one could recognize these problems ? @Monger_Designs ?

I’m not a casting expert, but are you using plasticast investment and the recommended burnout schedule?

It’s possible that your oven doesn’t have enough air flow. Also you can try adding a little less water to the investment.

Also make sure to cure your pieces completely before trying to cast them. I usually leave them in the sun for 5-6 hours. Or you can try a UV box. Thicker pieces even longer than that.

@Monger_Designs thanks so much for reply i didnt cured for so long. Bought new UV light and cured it for 2 hours now lets see hows casting (finger crossed). I cant cure in sunlight as its too hot in India at this time also in afternoon. thanks again for help would post pics as soon as casting comes out

i have the same problem with casting, and i use a casting house which i always use. the piece comes out like Swiss cheese, porosity was not too deep, i was able to use the piece , but it’s took long time clean up. I sent them a burn rate schedule and they claimed to have followed it.

Can you post some photos of your results? Was plasticast investment used?

Also, casting resins need to be post-cured through and through. Just because it no longer feels tacky, doesn’t mean it’s cured well on the inside. That will affect the casting and this is true with all casting resins.

i do not know if they use plasticast, and i did not make a picture of rough casting, i will try one more time, and will post.

I would suggest finding a different casting house that will directly follow the burnout schedule, and use the recommended investment type.

I’ve had casting houses try to blame bad wax castings on me, the wind or the rain, so finding a good casting place is not so easy.

this is bit perfect casting still not finished

old spoiled casting

but still not near perfection

I had no luck with casting anything with the castable material as yet. And I really tried!

The casting I did came out very porous like it had a bad reaction to the resin or something. It was impossible to clean up or repair. All went to the bin.

Will do more test soon. I do not know of anyone apart from Monger_Designs that had any success with this.

Casting firms in UK don’t want to touch resin materials. They say it is a waste of time for them and they won’t touch it.

I’m trying to convince them otherwise but had not luck.

resin material is not so bad as you think. in India i have heard of some casting house started using even non casable materials from long time with very perfect results, but they want share there secret . Monger design is successful cos of perfect investment used. I also tried burning a ring of formlabs resin (castable) where we arrived to opinion that its way far better than any resin available even 3d systems green fdm resin. There are some tricks with resin, would post pics and all minute details when i get perfectly successful. now posting other house castings who are successful in even non castable resins

my casting with formlabs castable resin almost nearing success. where i have not used RR plaasticast and was done in kerr cast.

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Ever since envisiontec and asiga printers came out, and when they had their initial “castable” resins, they really scared away lots of casting houses, even here in the USA, because the resins were such a pain to cast successfully. That is why a lot of casting places don’t want to deal with it, even though nowadays there are many resins that cast as easily as wax.

Formlabs resin being one of them. My caster even casts it on the same tree as other wax items and we have no issues.

The only issue that can pop-up is air bubbles trapped near the bottom of a ring shank and that’s from the print. But most of the issues can happen by not post curing the prints completely through and through. Not just on the surface. If you are using a strong UV box, I would say a minimum of 3 hours and 5 or more for thick items. I usually leave the pieces next to a window in the sun for a day if I’m not in a hurry.

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hey david.
can I order a sample design with castable resin printed on form 1+.

Here are a few pics of the casting.

@David_Valle_DGA How long did you post cure that piece with a UV light before sending it for casting?

I’ve had similar results in the beginning when I didn’t post cure the pieces enough. Also, not enough oxygen going into the oven. For resins, you need a good air-flow circulation because the resin burns off at much higher temps.


I don’t think I cured the resin enough time. That could be it. Will do more tests soon. Will post the results in the next few days.
Thanks @Monger_Designs for your help I do really appreciate that.

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i try company Zero Porosity casting, they did good job on my casting from castable formlab1+ blue resin.

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Very nice ring and casting.


what investment powder are you using?