Introducing our new functional resins, Castable and Flexible


From the very first days of Kickstarter, we’ve been asked time-and-time again—do you have Castable Resin? Today, we’re thrilled to say that we do. Meet our new Castable Resin. It’s designed for clean, ash-less burn-out, and ultra high-resolution prints. The product of an exhaustive R&D process, Castable is the material that anyone doing investment casting has been waiting for. Available for order now, and shipping in November.

We’re also announcing a second functional resin today, Flexible. Pliable when thin, and resilient when thick, our Flexible Resin is all-around exceptional. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Flexible will go on sale in December. Sign-up for our alert list and we’ll let you know the moment it’s available.

Formlabs Resin Releases - Master List

Great stuff! Can’t wait to start casting my prints and designs. Love the fact that formlabs used a ring I designed :wink:


This is a real game changer.


It’s bloody expensive!


Great Stuff, I love you so much !

We need an update to Preform ?

I can’t select this new product at the moment.


Yes you will need to update Preform in order to use the new resins. There will be an update available on our website very soon!


Very nice. How will the pricing play out for original KS supporters? Will we still have the special price “for the life of their printer”?

Not trying to stretch the original promise to include this new range of resin. Just really curious if you guys thought about it.


That is very nice!

I’m looking forward to trying out the flexible resin myself. As for the castable formula, I wouldn’t know where to begin using it but I’d love to learn how eventually. :slight_smile:

Regarding the comment about the new resins being ‘too expensive’, the castable resin doesn’t seem to cost any more than the other resins. (No price on the flexible formula yet.)


If anyone needs casting services (silver, gold, brass, bronze), contact me.


If you look you will notice it is €125 for 500 ml not 1tr, that’s twice the price of the regular resins.


Oh, now see what you meant. Thanks for pointing that out.



regarding the flexible resin - will it be targeting “medical” grading, eg USP Class VI or similar?
Also what can you say about how durable it will be?


In regards to version 2 of the clear, is that shipping immediately, or are you still shipping old stock?


At this time, I don’t believe we’re pursuing any specific medical grading. We’ll publish a full datasheet when we make Flexible available for order, which should be by December or so.


Depending on your location, we’re still shipping the original formulation where it remains in stock. If you’d like to be guaranteed to receive the new Clear & Grey formulations, I would confirm your order separately with our support team. They may be able to hold it to ensure that you’ll get the updated materials.


You’ve just given me some serious capability with the new resins. Great news!


Just got 2 bottles of the Castable Resin!

Already printing using the deep blue color resin. Excited to see how it will come out. I’m hoping for really sharp prints and smooth surfaces. Will then cast and finish both of the rings.

The single biggest limitation with the form1 (lack of castable resins) is behind us! Now it’s a FORMidable machine for jewelers. (pun intended)


I am eager to see your results Monger :slight_smile:


I think some of your awesome sculptures would look great casted out of bronze.


Thanks a lot Monger for the compliment !!
Sometime i think about it, i would love that, but the foundry stuff is a bit too expensive for hobbyist. :wink:
Maybe one day i will do that for 1 or 2 of my sculpts.