Close-up pictures of Castable Resin silver jewelry

Here are a few images from my spin casting of the FormLabs sample print of Castable Resin. (link below for more images.)

The model was still a bit tacky when it arrived in the mail so I exposed it to UV light for an extended period of time until it seemed to harden up (Thanks for the free sample, FormLabs!). I followed the recommended burn-out schedule and then gave the piece a good, solid buffing.

Questions and comments welcome,

-JD Davison
The Lab Partners


Wow. Those are great results, JD. Thank you for posting pics!

This may seem a silly question … but here I go anyways. I am very close to purchasing a Form 1+ and I’m pleased to see the success people are having with the “castable” resin. In my application I will doing some investment casting as well as creating models that be used as masters for RTV rubber molds for resin casting … so I’m thinking that sometimes I’ll need the “castable” resin and other times I’ll need the standard type resin. It occurs to me that all the resins are the same price so would it make sense for me to just use the castable resin all the time regardless of what the parts will be used for? Or is there quality/finish differences in the different resins that I should consider?

Castable resin is not the same price as the other materials standard materials are 150 USD for 1 L while Flexible and Castable are 150 USD for 500 mL so it would probably make sense to order some standard resins as well. I have not worked with the castable to speak of the quality of surface finishes but I would assume it would be similar to the other resins.


Tom, thanks for the response. I failed to notice that it was the same price… but for half as much material. Now it makes sense to have different resins for different jobs. I’m sure I’ll order the machine with black resin and then add some castable and an extra tray.
Thanks again,
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Here my experience with the castable resin sample too !

The resin cast very well, we gave the sample part to a casting company in montreal. They give a great service !

The ring was cast in silver and i finish the part with Cubic Zirconium stone.



Wow, this looks really awesome! Nice work!


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