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Anyone used the Castable resin yet?

You should be able to use this to cast aluminum. The original manifold you may have seen online was cast in brass. I have a big piece from Empire Robotics we hope to get cast in aluminium, just trying to find a vendor who’s interested in taking it on as a one off. Keep us updated on your results!

I’ve also been talking to a few people who wonder about using our original prototyping resin to produce a sand mold for casting rather than going through the investment process for something like aluminium.

Wow, that is a beautiful piece!

Hey Emil…where can I buy one of those fox rings :slight_smile:

Hi Jory. Glad you like them! We have the rings for sale on Amazon.

The gold plated and rhodium plated fox rings

and the original antiqued silver fox rings


How can I achieve images like this. Are these cad images or photos you have taken with a camera.


They are photos. There is no single trick to taking photos like that. It just takes time and experience.

After a lot of testing here is a picture of a

ring done with formlab castable resin. The upper part is a polished dinosaurus piece of bone.


@Gantelet_Stephane, well done! It looks amazing!

Can you detail your process? (notably the post casting steps)

Way to go!

This would be such a sweet ring if you out some pear shaped rubies for eyes.

I was thinking of making rings like this but as wedding bands with mamoth tusk ivory or mamoth tooth inlays but the Dinosaur bone looks very appealing. I wanted to make them very small strips 2x2×1 mm and use them as inlays but I haven’t figured out how to cut them this small. if anyone has any good ideas I would love to hear them.

Hi Nadim,
Not really in detail has i had my foundry man doing it for me. What i can tell is curing the resin deep is very important as well as respecting the heat curve of the oven mentionned on formlab recommendations. Still i have some hashes left and the casting is not perfect as it would be with in wax. I’ m about to make a trial with Madesolid xastable resin. Difficult to understand what is going wrong when you don’t know the precise constitution of the product.

Don’t know how to cut it because i bought it already cut !

Hi I am waiting for my printer but have done some casting tests with the castable resin from samples provided by Formlabs. I used Omega Plus from Goldstar powders which is my usual investment powder. I used my normal wax cycle and included some standard wax items on the tree as well as the cartable resin. All cast perfectly.