Casting castable wax

We tried castable wax (purple) to cast and it did not came out well.
We are doing casting in other casting house not ourselfs and they cant cast it, every time it turns out bad.
Can someone share what procedures you take, temperatures time and casting material to print your models with castable wax. Is it enough to use formlabs castable wax suggested casting schedule or you guys modified something to make it work?
Thank you for any help.

Most the time, the investment is the major problem with the resin. This came from my casting house. You really need the right investment to handle the thermal expansion from resin. I think most companies dont use this grade…

If you find someone that has good results with purple resin, please post it.

I know for everyone it’s not the same , but for myself I use Ransom Randolph plasticast or ultra-vest MAXX. I had 1/4 teaspoon of boric acid powder for every 100gr. of investment to make the investment harder ( I tried to put more than a quarter of a spoon of boric acid and I find it sticks to the gold and it’s difficult to remove ,also the investment gets really really hard ). For the temperature I just use my regular schedule ,It is a short schedule because I only use cylinders that are 2 1/4”H X 1 1/2”W ( I am using a very old centrifuge dental casting machine ). I only cast between one to four rings per cylinder.
I put a good sprue size at the bottom and I run a couple sprue from the bottom to the top of the ring with a smaller wax wire .If it’s a heavy ring I even put sprues going to the sides and the top.(I find if there’s not enough sprue the casting doesn’t reach and the top is porous).
On my oven I have a small door (6”X2”) that is on my regular door , so I open the small door about 3/8” for air circulation .
And in the middle of the burn out at 1350 I flip the cylinder so that the hole is up for any gas to escape…
Most of the time The casting is good ,sometimes I get little cavities of plaster in the gold.
Like I said at the beginning it’s not the same for everyone and when I cast my temperature is not as high as what is suggested , when it’s too hot ,my casting does not turn out good.
Hopefully this help .

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