Solution for bad casting with purple castable resin v1?

Does anyone have a solution for not getting rough bubbly casts with purple castable resin v1?
I’ve spoken to multiple casting houses about this issue and they all seem to agree that the resin just casts terribly and some of them wont work with it for that reason.
Recommended investment and burnout cycle is being followed.
Currently I have not been curing the parts because it says it is not necessary, would curing them possibly help with this?

My main caster said the issue probably stems from something to do with the gas release during burnout?

I have only cast using b9 emerald resin before and had none of these issues so I am at a bit of a loss.

Casting in 14k gold.

We actually have had very good casting in purple on a shorter burnout in thinner parts. we think it might not boil in the investment as long.

Can you give the specs for that burnout? I work with body jewelry, so all of the parts are very small.

The 5 hour burnout work for us. small parts are never an issue

Strange, i make dental prosthesis, and have no issues, with 50 or 25 um layers … and burnout cycles in 2 hours with 3 segments : ambient to 350°C, 5 minutes hold time, 350 to 750, 5 minutes hold, and full speed to 1000 °C, 10 minutes hold .
ah ok, i don’t use precious alloys .