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Formlabs Comes to You - Week 9!


What a time it’s been! Things are just getting busier and busier! I hope all of you out there are staying safe and healthy and I can’t wait to see folks again at tradeshows and conferences and anywhere else.

This week, we had a Formlabs Software Overview from Grant Thomas-Lapore on our Twitch channel. He gave an overview of recent software features, how Formlabs approaches software problems when they interact with hardware and more. Feel free to check out the archive on Twitch, or it will be on our youtube channel in a couple week.

Coming up next week!

On Tuesday, May 19th at 9am EST join us as Dani Clode, product designer and founder of ‘The Third Thumb Project’, shares insights on using the Form 3 for her neuroscientific research exploring human augmentation and prosthetic extension in collaboration with University College London. Dani will share tips on her 3D printing workflow and material selection process, followed by a live Q&A. You can register for that free session here!

ALSO on Tuesday, May 19th at 12pm EST, join us to hear from SVP of Product Development for Bellus 3D scanning to hear about IOS based scanning, how it intersects with a lot of industries, including 3D printing, and how they created one of the most popular COVID related parts. You can register for that session here.

On Thursday, May 21st at 12pm EST, join us for a presentation and Q&A session with Monster City Studios. Monster City Studios specializes in large scale builds for museums, theme parks, and experiential marketing, and their client list has some big names such as Disney and Nike! Their Fresno, CA shop houses 3D printers, but also spans large scale CNC, steel/metal work, carpentry, fiberglass, thermoforming, foam carving, and scenic painting. Join master fabricator James Powell to hear about their go-to workflows, and their recent pivot towards thermoforming face shields for Covid-19 relief. You can register for that session here.

Thanks so much! Have a great end of the week and weekends. Hopefully we’ll see you there!