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Formlabs Comes to You - Week 3!


Another week is behind us! I hope you’re all staying sane and healthy out there!

This past week we had some really great content. If you missed anything, don’t worry, it’s still all available!

On Tuesday, we ran a Twitch stream related to transitioning to a Working from Home setup, including alternative cleaning methods to IPA, and how to utilize a relatively inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner, and more! You can find the archived video of that stream here.

On Thursday, our second Office Hours session was broadcast, with special guest Gaurav Manchanda, Director of Healthcare at Formlabs, to discuss the company’s response to the COVID-19 virus. This session covered topics such as how we’re evaluating these incredibly fast-moving projects, as well as what you can do at home to help. Watch a recording of that session here.

And on the note of COVID-19 focused discussion, I wanted to let everyone know here that we’ve created a new forum subsection related exclusively to discussions about the virus and any associated projects. Please put any future discussions about the topic there so anyone who’s curious knows where to go to look for them!

Coming up next week!

On Tuesday 4/7 at 12pm EST, tune in on our Twitch channel as Formlabs Engineer and costumer Cassie Lowell leads a design and modeling tutorial on Twitch, featuring some of her costuming examples. Cassie will go over modeling basics, design tactics, and share tips and tricks for modeling in Fusion 360.

On Thursday 4/9 at 12pm EST, join us as Phil Tsao(@leonhart88 here on our forums), founder of Ember Prototypes, shares insights on his favorite resins for product design. Phil will provide an engineer’s perspective of prototyping on the Form 3 and answer your questions live. You can register for that free session here. We hope to see you there!

Thanks everyone! I hope you have a terrific weekend.



I teach at those times but i do have a questions.
we use the form 2 and form 3 to print figurines
from out 3D modeling class.
I have used black, grey, and clear to great success with the detail we need
these resins can be fragile and small parts easily getting broken off
I wonder if going to tough 2000 might solve this problem


I use Tough 2000 for mini printing on Etsy and it works great


Thanks Ill give it a try