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Formlabs Comes to You - Week 7!

Hey Everyone! Thanks for joining us for another awesome week of content! I hope you’re all staying sane and healthy out there!

Coming up next week:

On Tuesday, May 5th at 12pm EST, hear from Formlabs own Thomas Komar about how to enter our Bring the Outdoors In design contest. In this design contest, Formlabs invites you to submit an .STL file of a design that encompasses the outdoors and can be enjoyed indoors. Thomas will talk through his part design process in Fusion 360 and take questions to help you get inspired! You can find this session on our Twitch Channel!

Join us on Thursday, May 7th at 12pm EST to hear from designers Gary Lockwood and Kostika Spaho about their distinct approaches to footwear and design, how 3D technology influences their individual art forms and why 3D printing is a critical part of their process. You can register for that free webinar here!

Thanks, everyone! As usual, please let us know if there’s content you’d like to see from these sessions. We want to give you the information you need.

Have a terrific end of the week!