Printing with some custom made resins

Hello All,

A couple friends and I have been tinkering around with some resins for a few months now and have recently started putting them in the Form1 to see how they perform. We haven’t tried to print anything huge just yet. The biggest build was the clear hash below, which is about 2in x 2in x 2in.

We’re kind of obsessed with these hashes as you can see, mostly because they help us see how tight we’ve been able to get the layer height. We have some red, magenta, black, clear, white, and blue, which have all been a little tricky because you can’t mess with the Form1’s software like you can with the B9, the Muve3D, or basically anything else out there.

Anyway, we thought some of you might want to try some. We have about 3 liters of the clear and glossy black resin lying around. Not charging for it, and we’ll cover shipping if you’re in the US. Just send us pics of whatever you print so we can see how it turns out. If interested, shoot me a note at martinez.brian.c at gmail dot com, or respond below.

P.S. I took those pics on my camera phone. Sorry I couldn’t upload something with better resolution.

We will take it here in San Luis Obispo, CA if you have not already given it away.  Send me a message.

Hi Brian,

Looks interesting. What are your plans? Are you doing this as hobby and gonna help other people who want to make their own resins, or are you developing your own formulas? Im down in New Zealand and my ideal would be if formlabs released their own UV additive that could be added to 1L of X brand resin to produce a reliable result, saving the cost of shipping resin around the world.

If that clear resin, remains clear, I am very interested. [I have some light-pipe applications in mind, and the amber colour of the FL resin is not ideal]

@Michael I don’t see a way to actually message you. I stumbled on your guys’ Facebook page a few days back actually. Looks like you’re up to some awesome things in SLO. Shoot me an email so we can connect: martinez.brian.c at gmail dot com.

@Mark Completely clear is a really complicated issue. In our experience, our clear resin has been more clear than the Form Labs resin. We’ve actually printed a couple pipes at low res and shone a number of lights through them (picture attached). At a certain point, though, the clarity of the resin is actually affected by the light source you are using. You actually might need a shorter wavelength on the laser, somewhere around 375nm. Unfortunately, the B9 Creator is more suitable for adjustments like that since you are allowed to tune certain settings.