3rd party resins and resin mixes

Hi all,

has anyone tried any 3rd party resins yet (besides ‘monger’ with his ‘grey resin and b9 cherry red resin’ mix?

I am talking about the various out there, such as

  • subG or subG+ with our without pigments from Makerjuice at 40 dollars per 1 liter

  • Form1 compatible resin from MadeSolid at 100 dollars per 1 liter

  • Spot-GT, HT and LV from Spot A Materials starting at 82 Euros per 1 kg

I’d be curious the hear what your experience is with any of the above.

we can’t test yet, since we are still waiting for our form 1



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Except the MadeSolid (which is still MIA), those other resins will not work on the form1 right away, unless they can be dialed in by the manufacturer, or by anyone who’s willing to play around with mixing resins, monomers, and pigments.

You can read my post on Solarez resin - I’m going to try Spotamaterials resin soon - I’ll post that once I have got some results.

I am going to order some Spot-HT, if the results are pleasing and I can vulcanize that material, I will be laughing : )

Jesse, I hope it works, but I think it will either not cure enough, like the b9 resin, or it may overcure. People also reported delamination of the parts on other forums. Good luck with it though.

Now you’ve got me shaking in my little space boots Monger, gosh they even charge $37 USD to post within the UK (to my freight forwarding address) or $103 USD from the UK to NZ. I HATE paying excessive freight!

Wow. That’s too much. You should see if they can let you buy a small sample first to see if it works.

The Spotamaterials resin I have is a Beta Prototype - I’m printing a very cool batman model in the ‘Monger Mix’ this weekend and will try the same model in the Spot-A resin early next week.

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Hey Jesse,

Sorry about the earlier comment. I didn’t realize Spotamaterials officially released Form1 compatable resins! I thought you were talking about their DLP resins.

Looks like they have 2 types available. That’s great, except the shipping is going to be too high for us.

Hey Monger, perhaps it’s worth a punt? To have a material we could use on the Form1 that has new properties (not just new colors) would be fantastic.

Spot-A states that their material “viscosities between 50 and 150cps” formlabs is 850-900cps. Surely lower viscosity would help with better details?

Lower viscosity is great. You can get better details for sure.

I have just placed an order for the Spot-HT Form1 compatible material. My bad earlier on in the thread, I was reading Euro as GBP so it has worked out a bit cheaper about the same as 1 liter from Formlabs.

Jesse, please post some photos once you print with the spot resin.

Sure will MD, also let me know if you would like any samples printed yourself.

I asked Spot-A the million dollar question…will you have a castable resin??..this is their response

"We was working during the past year to develop our Spot-IC (Investment Casting) resin version and we hope have it available soon in our web (maybe in February)

The resin have been tested to work with most of the current casting clays available today: Kerr, R&R Plasticast and Gold Star.
The resins does not contain suspended solids (waxes), so no settlement will occur and no shaking or homogenization is necessary.

By request of our jeweler beta testers, we have developed two versions of Spot-IC:,

  • one producing very hard surface finish that can be sanded and polished
  • and another one flexible and tough, which allows for insetting of gems on the printed object before investment casting, without risk of breakage.

We are testing with some dyes colors, by the moment orange, red and yellow…

I pray to the god of castable resin developers for 3d printing enthusiast on the form1 that this comes true.

That’s good news Jesse! They had it on their blog that they are working on the Spot-IC resin but with no estimated release date. Hopefully it will be available in February.

I have a feeling pretty soon there will be lots of 3rd party resins available for the Form1, including some castable ones.

That sound very good…

Actually I still have some resin to use but I hope this one could be good :slight_smile:

I should have a bottle of the Blue resin from MadeSolid within a week and will post some test prints to show it off!

Same here Dylan. I like the fact that you can wash the prints in water.