Black resin

I’m really interested to have a black resin, formlabs do you know when this color will be available ?

Black resin is available for the Form1 at

However their resins seem to be water based because they brag “soap and water” cleanup.  This does not excite me.  All good materials in the world are oil based.

Ya, i know that madesolid have a black resin. But from what i saw, the quality of these resins seems to be not there ( lost of fines details and really brittle resin )

I’m hoping as well to have a semi-translucence black resin like the white and grey .

None of the third resin on the market seems to meet the requirement to compete with the 3 officials formlabs resins  ( execpt the mix done by monger design with the b9 resin )

As you know, black is available from MadeSolid.  The original version was water cleanup.  What you may not know is they changed to IPA cleanup so it is not as brittle as well as possible other improvements.  So it may be worth checking out.  I will send them a note as they should update the website (if they have not) and officially respond in forums / posts like this so there is official word from them on what they have changed and done to improve the results.

I didn’t know that they change to IPA. Thanks for the info.

Could some owner of the black make a comparaison prints between madesolid and formlabs resin  And something with a lot of details ( please not a “simple form” ) What would be sooo fantastic.

I’ve been working with MadeSolid on their white resin. I was very disappointed with the initial results, and I found that washing in soapy water did not clean the part properly - it was left with a greasy surface, even after scrubbing with towel and after 12 hours post curing under UV lamp. Only washing in IPA made parts dry to touch - but that made it more brittle. Also I was seeing issues with over-curing and lost details, including filled in 2mm holes.

They were very responsive however and have sent me a new bottle of white which they tell me is less brittle, stands up to IPA washes, and will hold detail better. I’m in the UK though and it was sent USPS “first class” - which apparently is the slowest service (opposite of here in UK!) - so it may be another week or two before it arrives.

Couple of things I did like about the MadeSolid resin - it’s much less viscous (although larger peels were still “thunking”, even more than FL resin in fact - perhaps this was connected to over-curing), and it’s completely opaque - with no translucency. Also curing made it go from creamy white to bright white, rather than the reverse.

Thanks kevin for sharing your experience with us.
I knew that madesolid made a new batch which is less brittle and holds better fine details but so far i didn’t saw any prints to confirm that …
Even if the new batch is better than the first, i’n not sure it’s equivalent to the formlabs resin.
That’s why a test print to compare formlabs and madesolid resin will be really welcome :slight_smile:

I just received some blue resin (IPA finishing type) yesterday and then today made a small test print. Unfortunately, the resin is still not up to par with the Form1 official resins. It has perhaps 60-70% of the detail you’d get from the FL resin. The details are all muddy and not well formed. So I’m not thrilled I bought a $100 bottle of goo. Hopefully they’ll take it back or let me have a newer formulation when it’s ready.  My advice - stay with FL official resin for now.

Sorry, that was the “made solid” brand resin I’m referring to in the previous post.

@ Matt

Do you have any pictures?

I never thought you’d ask :slight_smile:

Here’s a side by side comparison, on the left is the made solid resin. Both printed at .05 resolution. The right one is white resin later spray painted gray.

Overall, it’s as if the features got a gaussian blur on them - everything seemed to “melt” although features like the nose are extruded the right distance.

Thanks a lot for this side by side comparison. Madesolid resin seems to be still overcured. It’s no worth for the price and that quality


Does the surface have a gummy feel or is it the same as the bottom of the raft?  I have seen prints where the bottom of the raft is nice and smooth and all the other surfaces have a gummy wet feel.  I wonder if it is the gummy feel, if while fresh off the printer one could rub off the gummy feeling bits and reveal a nice print hidden underneath.

@ David,

It’s the same hardness as the base - like with the Form1 resin, I not only agitate it in the ISO, I also scrub it with a toothbrush to get any loose resin out of cracks and concave surfaces. This works well to reveal the details. Then I let it sit in the sun as much as possible for final overall hardening.

Well that is a huge disappointment.  Oh well.  Did you send them a note?  If not, I would let them know.  With those results, I am not sure anyone will be buying their resin.

@Matt - I understand they already revised the blue resin - and issued an additive for those who had been sent the first batch. Are those results from the revised blue? the original blue with additive - or original untouched blue?

The blue resin went through 3 shipped versions.  The original that they released the “patch” for.  The “new” water cleanup that did not need the patch and then the revised new flavor that is “rated” for IPA cleanup.

If his resin is IPA cleanup then it is the new one that should come out much better then that.

This is the latest batch. Here’s a portion of the email I received from MS:

"Thanks for reaching out to us. I am sorry that the resin did not meet your needs in terms of detail. We would be happy to replace your bottle with a new bottle of blue. We are making some tweaks to that formula this week. "

Oh my, that is disappointing. I was hoping the revised resins would give something at least close to FL resin, but that looks a long long way off. Well I won’t hold out much hope for my replacement white then, which is still en-route. I’ll post results though…

Just out of curiosity - what’s the batch date on your bottle Matt?

I still have my original bottle of blue, along with the “patch fix” they send, and the new and improved one. They are both sitting on the shelf. I haven’t had time to test the second bottle to see if they fixed the detail, but it’s disappointing to see that people are still having problems with their resins. I think this has to do with whoever mixes their resin formula for them and bottles it. They are messing up. I would stick to the formlabs resin for now, or mix it with the b9 cherry to get the best details you can out of the form1.