Red Resin?

I need some parts printed in red, and painting is not an option (too many hard to coat areas).
What are my options?

I see that MadeSolid offers a red mix of their V2 formula:

Spot-A has opaque and translucent Red:

MakerJuice red:

MakerJuice also produces pigments. Any word on those? mix them with white or clear FormLabs resin?

I found this thread on third party resins, but it did not seem to offer much of a conclusion:

For reference, I will be printing another one of these STAT. It is needed for a trade show next week. My boss intends to next day air whichever resin I tell him to get. The print below was done using Vorex resin at .10mm using Grey 01 settings and turned out GREAT. Its a 5x scale of a little metal automotive body clip.

You should be able to easily mix red pigment with some grey resin to get red. A tiny amount of pigment goes a long way. Maybe after the mix print on the black setting instead.

Is the maker juice pigment the way to go? Or is there another company you might recomend?
I think my boss would rather just buy some print ready red, rather than trying to guess at what color we could get when mixing our own. The cost of the resin really isn’t much of an issue as long as it works.

You can always try the Makerjuice Red Resin that they have for the form1.

I’d go with the adding pigment option. I’ve used the makerjuice resin and can’t recommend it (see my thread on comparing the two).

Buy a fresh batch of white, add a small amount of red pigment, shake the bottle and get printing.

I’ve had great luck with both options.

Prints in MJSF come out great, and appear to be more elastic than FL - but perhaps weaker.

Mixing red pigment with CLEAR formlabs resin will give you a nice vibrant red. If you use white as a base you will require much more pigment to get past the “pastel” stage.

If using Clear 02 I would keep the settings as is before moving up to the black setting. If you have the time, I’d try both and see which works best for tinted clear resin and post results here :smile:

@Gary_Cairns thread, mentioned above, for those too lazy to search:

I use Oh So Strong pigments from Smooth-on with my 2-part resin. This also is a very strong coloring so only a little is needed. When my tray gets down to being near the end I may give it a try.

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My boss just ruled out the MadeSolid V2 MS red resin - its too translucent… even approaching purple in some areas on the example print on the website:

Has anyone tried the Spot-A resin?

The makerjuice SF resin is a nice bright red color.

I haven’t used it on the form1+, but I’m using in on my DLP printer and it’s an excellent resin with a nice feel to it when it cures.

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