Resin Alternatives

So I am looking for alternative resins to use, so far I have found


anyone know any other products? have any experience with these brands?

also, I know we are supposed to use different tanks for different resins but has anyone used the same tank for different resins? thank you

I have the maker juice and it’s not a replacement for formlabs resin, They are not kidding when they mean it’s flexible. It’s feels like LDPE and very different from formlabs resin.

It also has very heavy pigments that settles fast and in my print that lasted more than 6hrs, pigments settled so heavily on the tray that caused the print to fail.

yeah, I figured the price was too good to be true :confused: thanks!

I have tested them all. Any resin you can think of on the form1 plus on other sla/dlp printers.

The best resin so far for the form1 is the black resin from formlabs. You won’t find anything better. I have had exactly 0 failures since using that resin with my form1+

I am still trying the FireCast, from MadeSolid, and I have mixed results, but as Monger said the Black Resin is just perfect.

I’ve had pretty good results with MakerJuice, it does settle too fast but its well worth the price! B9 resin mixed in with Formlabs gave me some nice results also, it seems to go further somehow also. Next time I scrape up money for resin I’d like to try a 50/50 mix of MakerJuice with Formlabs. I haven’t tried FL black yet but its definitely next on my list!
No matter what resin I see reduced quality later on in larger prints but Formlabs resin does work better in longer prints.

I’ve printed some fairly big parts (200cc with supports) with the Makerjuice Form 1-specific resin. I’m happy with the results. I do have to scrape the tank-bottom every time I print, but I’ve had no failures, even on 20-hour jobs. The material is soft, and a bit tacky, but if you’re burning up the resin on fit-checks and design tweaks, the savings add up. The Makerjuice material inhibits Platinum Silicone rubber curing - this is a big deal if you are making molds.

I just tried a resin from 3-D Ink. It seems a bit brittle, but it’s a nice translucent orange that shows a bit of internal detail which can be cool. It did seem to attack the Silicone tank liner a bit more aggressively than other resins.  If you get good at replacing tank liners (You can do it!) then the risks of rapid silicone degradation are not that big a deal.

So far I’d say the Formlabs Resin is the best, but others might be worth considering.

Good Luck and Happy Printing!

thats great to hear, any way to save money haha. But I am kind of new to 3D printing so what do you mean it settles too fast? thanks!

hey! thanks so much for replying, i think I will get the maker juice for test prints since I have had ot make a bunch of those recently haha. since I have had my printer for only about a month, I am pretty new to this so… why and how would I replace the tank liners? it sounds really scary D:

I mean that the MakerJuice brand resin separates faster because its much less viscous than Formlabs resin. Just have to make sure to shake it up well and stir the stuff in the tank between every print which you should with all but its just far more critical…

@sasha_katcher I haven’t tried it yet, but am planning to test it on one of the nearly-useless clear tanks that came with the original Form 1 (as opposed to the nice, re-usable / storable orange ones with the new Form 1+). It looks entirely do-able, if a bit delicate:

See Replacement Components on the unofficial wiki (at the bottom, under “Resin Tank”) … and more specifically, the blog-post by MadeSolid that that eventually links to. Great stuff, very instructive.

Hi Has anyone tried Senertek Castable resin in a Form 2? Its a good price on eBay $60 a litre says it burns out with no ash.