Formlabs Resin on other printers

Hello Everyone.
I was wondering if anyone tried using the formlabs resins on other printers?

I have an Elegoo Mars Pro 1 printer and was wondering if anyone tried using the formlabs resins.

Currently the Mars Pro 1 is not in great condition and needs some upgrades but wanted to know if it worth to upgrade it as a back up.


I think those other printers use UV lights with LCD screens and are not laser based like Formlabs. The resin will most likely not properly cure because the resin is designed for a more powerful light source.

You can do a small test print and see how it goes.

Our resins will work well on a wide range of other SLA printers, including LCD based ones like the Mars Pro. If there is enough interest, we could work to develop recommended settings/profiles to make it easy to run them.


That might be a good idea

Yeah that would be great. I did some digging a while back and found some resins that work on lcd printers but most of them claims it will have to best results on a 2k or above ( which I need to upgrade)

Recommended settings/profiles would be very helpful! Thank you!

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That would be really cool @MaximLobovsky. I’m sure there’s a large market of people who have other printers who could benefit from using your resins.

If you guys put it out there a bit more how cross-compatible they are, you may be surprised how much demand there is.

I’m not sure how different the settings would be for different models. I have an Elegoo Mars and Saturn though and am getting a Jupiter very soon.

Hope to hear something back about this soon. I know I’m not the only one who would benefit from having more legitimate resins in the arsenal.


Hey @Brewmaker,

Thanks for expressing interest! I’ll make sure this information gets passed along to the appropriate channels!


Will the much cheaper Elegoo resin work on the FormLabs 3+??

Hi @alan1950,

Thanks for following up. For more context on this, please see the Formlabs Open Platform page.

Bumping this thread too for interest in settings for LCD printers, Mars 3 pro preferably