Using a formlabs material on an elegoo printer

I am currently trying to use the formlabs biomed black resin on an elegoo printer. I’ve heard mixed messages about if this is possible; most research I’ve found makes me believe it’s possible if I alter the printing settings. I am having a hard time even getting the resin to solidify in the printer. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to do, or what settings to change? Also, will increasing the exposure time help at all? Thank you!!

Best suggestion would be more UV exposure time and some heating because the Formlabs resins are supposed to work with lasers and also have heaters.

I also was trying on doing so. I’m currently using my mars pro1. not great :slightly_frowning_face:
Prints are not clean like the formlabs. maybe using the upgrade or moved to Pro2 or higher I’ll have a better print.
BTW I’m using Grey models

Elegoo uses the back lighting vs Formlabs that uses the laser. ALSO, the wavelength of the light can make a huge difference. Visibly they look similar but they could be hundreds of nanometers apart and that could make all the difference.
Although, the resins do solidify in normal light, so I imagine it’s probably due more to intensity than the wavelength.

I just realized, I asked the same question on this forum.

This is what Maxim had to say

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Bump for interest in settings for LCD printers. I do own a FormLabs printer but because of my use case I wanted to try the resin out on a Phrozen 8k. Would you be able to offer a first approximation for settings?

Bump for interest in settings for LCD printers, Mars 3 pro preferably

Hi all! I’m a Product Researcher for Formlabs and would love to hear more about requests for using Formlabs materials on low-cost DLP and LCP printers.

This is a topic that’s been on our minds more recently and we want to understand which materials are most requested, how you’d like to receive the settings (ex: in a Google Drive, on the Formlabs website, integrated with slicers like Chitubox, etc.), and which setting parameters (50um, 100um) would benefit the most people.

If you’re open to chatting more privately, shoot me a note at or just drop your thought below. Any info on the printer brand/model you have, the material you’re interested in, and your use case for the material would be greatly appreciated!